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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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>> good morning, and welcome to the sf county transportation authority, my name is john avalos and i am the chair, and our clerk is cheng and recognize the work of our staff at sfgtv who are broadcasting
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today. >> avalos? >> present. >> breed? >> present. >> campos? >> present. >> chui. >> present. >> cohenn. >> present. >> farrell. >> absent. >> kim? >> here. >> present. >> commissioner mar? >> mar, absent, commissioner taning? >> present. >> commissioner weiner? absent. >> yee. >> present. >> we have a quorum. >> item two, approve the minutes of the january, 28, 2014, this xanax item. >> any comments or questions on this? seeing none, let's go under the public comment on item two, and seeing no one come forward we will close public comment, and could we have a roll call vote, please? >> avalos. >> aye. >> breed. >> aye. >> campos? >> aye.
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>> chui. >> aye. >> cohen. >> aye. >> farrell. >> absent. >> kim? >> aye. >> mar. >> absent. >> tang in >> aye. >> weiner? >> aye. commissioner yee in >> aye. >> the item passes. >> okay, item tlao. >> chair's report, this is an information item. >> thank you, madam clerk. >> colleagues, this month at the transportation authority, we focus on safety and on the latter we are pleased to see the project celebrate the opening in late january, this project was a great example of community involvement and interagency cooperations resulting in the complete project that serves as a model for urban design and i would like to recognize commissioner campos for his leadership on
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this project, based on the two year process, that includes the series of public meetings and workshops the project improved safety for infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians and enhances landscaping and traffic calming and repavementing. and we have the transportation contributed $3.4 million in agency blocking to the 3.4 million project. going forward, in march, we are looking forward to two great events, on march fourth, commissioner farrell and i will be with the procidio trust with the opening of one of our first prop aaa vehicle registration projects and they are a pedestrian gap closure projects on march fourth and on the 7th, kim and i will be attending the ground breaking of the island grants project on treasure island. on a more sobering note, earlier this month, we joined
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with the community and family members advocates and city agency staff and multiple departments on the day before valentines to remember the traffic collisions in 2013. the group which was read by walk sf and the san francisco bike coalition and included commissions kim, yee and myself, called for the city to step up effort to drive, pedestrian and bicycle fatalities down to zero and, this ambition goal was set by the resolution and introduced by commissions kim and yee in january and we are gratified, and the resolution haves been adopted by the sfmta and the san francisco police department since then as well. here in the transportation authority, we wish to not only make the staff resources and funding available but also to create the capability for the board to provide the regular input, oversight and support to this multipronged effort, that is why you will see item 13, a proposal to create a vision on
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the board this will be a committee with the 24-month term and i have asked commissioner kim to lead it as chair, along with commissioner yee as vice chair. and in addition, we will have commissioners weiner and mar as vice chair and chair of our plans and programs on this new committee, and i will serve on it as an exoficio member and the hope is that by sustained and focused leadership we can help to get the safer street design in the ground and to facilitate more effective wide city education and enforcement efforts and meanwhile in parallel, i know that individual commissioners are taking pro-active steps to increase safety in their own districts in collaboration with the police departments including a buy lot that weiner is coordinating on san jose avenue, at the i280 off-ramp and including commission lee, district seven meeting this past weekend where the neighbors gave their
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suggestions for top pedestrian projects ideas. our transportation authority staff were also busy working and meeting with the counter parks at the sfmta the department of public health and the police department to prepare for the upcoming hears at the neighborhood service and safety committee and other venues, i also wanted to congratulate the staff and obtaining a grant that would allow one of our senior planners, pedestrian, safety expert to travel to washington, d.c. to participate in a pedestrian injury prevention action team training program as part of a five-member team representing the state of california. and the team includes the department of health and cal transas well as our own san francisco department of health and it allows us to publicize our city's straggy at the state and national level as well as provide a valuable training opportunity for our staff this concludes my report. thank you. >> we can go on to public
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comment. >> we will close public comment. i just want to follow up and it was just wonderful to get that street officially reopened and i want to, you know, congratulate, really everyone who was involved including commissioner campos and his staff and it was really, it was, it so challenging to get these projects through and i know that we are trying to make it a little better so when you can actually celebrate the opening of the receipt design of the street that had just been absolute blight in terms of the people living in the neighborhood with us and some
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sort of sudo freeway running through and the fact that we have not just beautified the treat and easier for the pedestrians to cross and easier for people to bike and we are at home and we cut the ribbon on it and there were all of these predictions and to do the work when chavez was going to result in carm a geeten and it will be permanent grid lock and that has not been the case and i actually have driven during the rush hour and it is no different than it was before, but it is safer, and better for this neighborhood, and so, it is terrific to have that kind of example so as we go from this and the other projects that are causing anxiety in the community, we have something that we can point to, and i also just want to acknowledge that i'm a very fortunate to even know only a tiny piece of the project in district eight, and my current aid under the
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power was the project manager on that was the planning department and the my aid that lives by there played a key role on the community side, and getting it moved, and very exciting happening in our community, thank you. >> thank you, commissioner weiner, commissioner campos? >> thank you, there chairman, i do want to echo the comments of commissioner weiner and one of the things that i think that struck me as you can very significant for that community was the sense that many in the neighborhood felt that city hall was finally investing in that part of town. and i know that that is hard to understand for some of us. but, i think that there was that sentiment that that part of town was neglected and so chavez has been an issue for so many years, and i think that credit goes to cc, and the other organizations that have
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been mobilizing for a decade, actually, to move this forward, and chose that the community can actually get to the hall to act and so i am very proud of that, i think, my hope is that, what comes out of this experience is that we build on the need to engage communities especially on the southeastern part of town that have felt at times neglected and i think that the ta, in particular, can play a role in engaging those communities. because i know that some of the people that have been involved, with chavez at times felt that nothing was going to happen so for them to actually see it come to fruition, was pretty exciting, and it is exciting by the supervisor for that district to see it happen. >> thank you.
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it is a great example of what is possible for the people in district eleven who are yearning for the real infrastructure there as well. and okay, if there are know other comments, thank you for your comments, and we can go on to our next item. >> item 4, executive director's report, information item. >> good morning, commissioners executive director and i do want to note that we did also see a community based effort come together on the east portion of chavez and perhaps, east can be our next example of that type of successful project, congratulations to all. today my report begins with a couple of updates on the state legislative, and illustrative side and we can continue the discussions over the cap and trade program with the governor identifying on the good news side, a substantial portion of cap and trade revenues targeting those for transportation uses in particular for high speed rail and other things such as the
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sustainable communities and strategy implementation at the regional level and we would like to see in advocating with our partners in the mtc and around the region, a larger share comes to the regions to help us implement our various plans, currently the proposal has a lot of the funds going to the growth council and so we will work with the region on that front, regarding the next item that you will see on the report, cal trans, reform there has been a trio of reports that have come out recently and all designed to take a view of what is happening at the state level and how the cal transperforming relative to the states a need in the mission set by things like the greenhouse gas climate, policy, mandates set by sb375, so we are seeing, some basic findings, one that the state can better or should better align its mission and activities with the state planning goals and taking a more active role in product
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selection and we are seeing this happen with the atp program which is the state program at the state level and two there should be a troning stronger focus on fix it first and maintenance, and three again in the relation to the greenhouse gas mandates that there should be a stronger link between the state and policy and investment and programming with the greenhouse reduction goals of sb375, we are continuing to work not only with mtc and also the self-help counties up and down the state to provide the input for the process for how to use these recommendations and specifically, try to reshift some of the focus on the state level and away from some of the implications that are coming out and emerging the self-help counties in some way have somehow hinders the performance of cal transthat has started to become part of a dialogue in some of these reports and so we will keep you posted on that as well. locally i have had the pleasure of hosting a multidepartment
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meeting with mtc and the representative and several department heads, and riskin, and director ram from the planning department to talk about implementing the plan bay area here in san francisco and certainly, the two major problems or challenging that we are facing is the need for affordable housing and the need for transportation, infrastructure and services and so we identified a few exciting initiative and some are advocacy and some are coordination to work with the inner east bay and coordinate our land use plans and in addition to look at a transbay, study to focus on the core of the region and to provide more options and advanced planning on long term solutions for the bay bridge consider door and including the service and, we will keep you posted on that as well. and the transportation program, as i mentioned earlier continues to be developed at the state level, we have in the
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previous rounds given our input on that along with the other folks around the state, despite the advocacy, the guidelines continue to identify a more complex problem with the requirements to make it challenging to meet the deadlines here at the local level, the ctc will approve the final guidelines and issue a state wide project in late march and followed by the call for mtc in may and we are working as part of a multiagency group to discuss san francisco application and zero initiatives are figuring into that along with the other ideas. and the chair would report on the vision zero activity and so i will skip over to the neck items that is discussing the coordination on the vls as well as the capitol projects and advocacy for the city, and
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general obligation, bond and assisting the city and sfmta to address the board on things like expenditure plan and key priorities as well as the equity plans, and material and processes and we continue to participate in the capitol working groups on the transbay transit center and electrickfiation and to coordinate the project and to insure that we are speaking with one voice, and they called us together with other city agencies to discuss our advocacy in the trip to dc later in march. and the island will also be celebrating a commencement event, set for march 7th so we will be meeting out there on the treasure island with commissioner kim and tita that is going to be a great event to highlight the partnerships to deliver this project and where
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we have set a disadvantaged commitment of 13.8 percent and we are on track to meet that. and skipping ahead, i will just note that the prop aa, program call for projects has been released in january, a call for projects between $1 to $2 million. and this is funds that the voters approved a few years ago, the ten dollars registration view, and the surfacing and the pedestrian process and the applications are due to the transportation authority by monday, march tenth and the information can be found on our website, and i number of project updates are on your desk on the travel demand partnership project and 19th avenue, which released a draft, final report and the water front transportation assessment and the treasure island and moebility agency developments where the tita did
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adopt a resolution, recommending that the board of supervisors designate our agency as the treasure island, mobility agency and you should have the geary updates on your desk. and finally i will note that we did host a very successful event at our offices in late january, we had about 80 attend from over 70 companies, from dbes all over the city and region come and learn about the opportunities with what our agency and we also highlighted the procidio parkway and the powers authority to highlight and publicize their opportunities as well. so we thank toss folks and sponsors for working with us and we are looking forward to hosting more such future events on a regular basis thank you. >> thank you for your remarks. colleagues any comments or questions? seeing none we will go to public comment.
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any member of the public that would go to comment, come forward. we will close public comment. >> we will reopen. >> a few minutes. >> yeah. >> (inaudible) >> okay. >> thank you very much and, any other public of the public that would like to comment? seeing none we will close public comment and go on to our next item. >> item 5, adopt the 2014 state and federal legislative program. this is an action item. >> these items from the finance committee, colleagues any comments or questions? >> seeing none, we will go on to public comment. and seeing no member of the public come forward, we will close public comment and colleagues, could we do this same house same call? >> i am sorry? >> roll call vote? >> okay. >> item five, avalos?
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>> aye. >> breed? >> aye. >> campos. >> aye. >> chui. >> aye. >> cohen. aye. >> farrell, absent. >> kim? >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> tang in >> aye. >> commissioner weiner? >> aye. >> commissioner yee. >> aye. the item passes. >> item 6, adopt the positions on state legislation, this is an action item. >> seeing no comments from the panel, any member of the public that would like to comment, public comment is opened and, we will close public comment. >> and colleagues, same house same call? the item passes. >> next its em? >> 7, authorize the executive director to execute an amendment to the memo of aagreement with the san francisco municipal transportation agency for the geary corridor bus rapid transit project environmental review phase to not-to-exceed
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$529,203 and to modify the conditions. this is an action item. >> any member of the public that would like to comment? >> seeing none, we will close. and we are in a new room and so we will do a roll call vote. >> avalos? >> aye. >> breed. >> aye. >> campos. >> aye *. >> chui. >> aye. >> commissioner cohen. >> aye. >> farrell. >> aye. >> kim? >> aye. >> commissioner mar. >> aye. >> commissioner tang in >> aye >> commissioner weiner? >> aye. >> commissioner yee? >> aye. >> item passes. >> next item it >> item 8, authorize the executive director to execute a memorandum of agreement with the treasure island development authority, in an amount not to exceed $200,000, for the fiscal year 2013/14 operating budget and work plan to implement the treasure island transportation implementation plan, and to negotiate the agreement payment terms and non-material agreement terms and condition.
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>> okay, seeing no comments we will go to public comment, and we will close public comment. and take this same house same call, the item passes. >> item 9,award three-year consultant contracts, with an option to extend for two additional one-year periods, to barbary coast consulting and davis & associates communications, inc. in a combined total not to exceed $525,000 for on-call strategic communications, media, and community relations professional services and authorize the executive director to negotiate contract payment terms and non-material contract terms and conditions. >> this is an action item. >> okay. seeing no comments from colleagues, we will go on to public comment. and seeing no member of the public come forward, we will close public comment and colleagues, we could take this the same house same call and the item passes. >> wll


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